Van Tilburg Innovation

Coaching and project development for social entrepreneurs and for a deprived persons like refugees and job-seekers.


Focus on people in trouble

Based on our 40 years of experience in innovation and entrepreneurship we work on projects with a social impact on the society. An example is to be a church in the neighborhood. Our targetgroups are job-seekers, refugee entrepreneurs, failed asylum seekers and deprived people.


Social Entrepreneurship

We support entrepreneurs who give a priority to the social impact of their company. This activity has been started at the University of Twente. One of the university spin-oof projects is the Start-up Accelerator for Refugees in Twente Star-T.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We focus on innovative projects with social added value. And on new forms of being a church in the local community. The target groups include job seekers, refugees who want to do business, asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies and other people in disadvantaged situations.


Van Tilburg Innovation builds on 40 years of experience in The Netherlands and abroad. International experience comes from Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey, Latin America and Curacao. Clients come from:

  • Industry: large, medium sized, small and high tech start-ups
  • Knowledge institutions: universities and research organisations
  • Public: local, regional (inter) national governments and development agencies

Clients have been served through research and consultancy and through the development and realisation of projects. Examples are: spin-off programmes, spin-off incubation, policy studies, feasibility studies, marketresearch, evaluation studies, strategic counselling, training, project initiation, finding and monitoring of subsidies, the support of creative teamwork and new business development. Characteristic is the participating approach: involvement during the project and early orientation on the practical application..

Areas of expertise are social entrepreneurship, high-tech entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer, regional economic development and internationalisation. This experience was condensed in several publications. There is a strong link with the Dutch Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS) at the University of Twente and an active participation in networks, see links.

Since 2015 the focus has changed towards coaching and project development for social entrepreneurs and for a special targetgroup deprived persons like refugees and job-seekers.

Van Tilburg is accredited as Certified Management Consultant in 2001 and 2004.


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